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Vat Returns

Leave your VAT returns to the specialists

For some business people, VAT can be a straightforward issue that’s easy to understand and easy to deal with, but for many others it can be a complicated minefield that has the potential for disaster. If you feel stressed at the prospect of completing your own VAT returns fear not, because expert help can be found right here.

Our comprehensive VAT service covers everything from initial advice through to registration, completing and submitting returns and ongoing maintenance. With the help of FourM, you can have the peace of mind you get from knowing a potentially complex process is left safely and securely to the professionals.

Once your business has been VAT registered, you will be able to claim back VAT on purchases that you’ve made, and you will need to start charging VAT for your own goods and services. Then, your organisation will have to complete and submit VAT returns on a regular basis, usually every three months.

If you feel confident enough to carry out these processes yourself that’s all well and good, but many freelancers, self-employed individuals, small enterprises and large organisations prefer to leave this hugely important matter to the experts. Here at FourM, we’ve been providing first-rate help and advice on VAT to businesses for many years.

We handle the VAT while you run your business

With our input, you can focus on the important issue of building your business, safe in the knowledge that your VAT returns are being completed accurately and submitted on time every time. Taking the stress out of such a process can give your organisation a crucial advantage over your rivals.

Accurate completion of VAT returns can help to ensure you pay as little VAT as possible to HMRC. If your organisation is subjected to a VAT inspection, we will be on hand to represent you if you so wish, bringing our vital experience to what may otherwise be a tense and stressful experience.

There are many people in business who handle their own VAT affairs, but if you don’t feel confident enough to do this have a chat with our friendly team today. We’re available by email at info@four-m.co.uk or by phone on either 01382 480 488 or 01224 649 918. We look forward to talking you through your options, and to explaining why FourM would be a perfect fit for your business.

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